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Firstly, if you’re interested in my work – thank you so much, it means a whole lot to me!  Below is a preview of my portfolio and I’d love for you to check it out. (just click below!)  I’m an aspiring Fashion Illustrator currently based in Ontario, Canada. At the moment I’m interning for Jennifer Lilya Fashion Illustration and learning a lot! I love to learn anything and everything about the Fashion Industry and am hoping to put my skills to use wherever I can. Whether it be a product review, collaboration or commission, interview – I’d love to hear from you & look forward to working with you.

I dabble in Graphic Design, (Headers, Ads, Banners, Buttons, etc) Interviewing Fashion Illustrators/Designers/Entrepreneurs, and also do a bunch of DIY’s and crafting on the side.

Any comments, enquires, collaborations, or commissions are welcomed.

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WDYT? I'd love to hear your feedback! :)

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